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November | More than 12 months - My exchange experience
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What’s up, guys?! These first few months have been crazy and I’m really excited to share them with you!

What’s up! This month has been pretty chill. I’ve spent a great amount of time with my friends and I’ve loved it.


On the first week, I went with Andrea (the Spanish girl) to see her brothers’ soccer game. This wouldn’t sound very interesting to most of the people but to me it was awesome. Watching them play soccer reminded me of Spain and all of the fun times playing soccer with my friends, watching my brother play or our weekly gatherings to watch our favorite team play; in my case, Real Madrid. The weather that day was terrible, we were freezing and it was raining but it was worth it because they won state championships!

About tennis… I still played number five until my friends’ injuries were healed. It was pretty fun but exhausting at the same time. Playing in the line up has nothing to do with playing exhibition matches; there’s a lot of pressure and the girls I played against were so good it was crazy. Somehow, I managed to win a couple matches but lost most of the others. After, it was states’ week. We didn’t win states but we were the runner-ups; that’s still amazing and really proud of all of the girls. Also, I won an award for tennis for the most improved!


The third week of November I went to Maryland to visit my best friend from Spain, Amy. When I saw her, I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing her and she even started crying. The weekend was pretty fun; we went to a party and met her friends, got her hair dyed (a really bad experience btw) and we got to talk a lot. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I had to say bye to her again.

For Thanksgiving, we had an assembly at school in which we had to dress up and be with our JK buddy and then, I went to South Carolina with my host family and it was very fun. We saw my host brother who is currently working there, went to an outlet mall to do our Christmas shopping, saw the lights, had Thanksgiving lunch and we even did black Friday! Black Friday in America is crazy; I saw people actually fighting for the last coat and around 100 people waiting in the line for Nike but then, we had to wait for hours to pay (I honestly don’t know if it’s worth it but it was something…. interesting to experience).

The day of my birthday, I did a small sleepover with my best friends and it was super fun and then the weekend after, there’s going to be a huge party at my friend’s house.



See you next month!!